TCTL offer all container related services. We have specialised equipment including three Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes to load and discharge any cargo. TCTL is serviced by both road and rail to ensure your cargo is receipted or delivered in the most cost effective method. There is also a limited amount of covered area available for the unloading and loading of smaller cargos like cars and personal effects.

We work closely with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) and NZ Customs and have accreditations with both Government agencies including Transitions Facilities, NZ Customs Bonded areas and a quarantine facility. We can also provide a fumigation facility if required.

MPI Transitional Facility Number: 25207

The new Liebherr 550 Mobile Harbour Crane in action exchanging containers on Maersk and the two Liebherr 500 Mobile Harbour Crane’s working in unison.

The backdrop to the Timaru Container Terminal includes the City of Timaru and the beautiful Caroline Bay more commonly known as CBay.